Personalised Colours Of You Print

Colours of … YOU!

This is a personalised print made especially for you (or someone you love!)



Because this is a totally customised product, there are a few options below. Please do get in touch if you’d like something different or if you need any help.

You can choose from:
12 total colours (3 by 4)
20 total colours (4 by 5)
30 total colours (5 by 6)

and whether you’d like:
– a digital print only
– A4 hard copy printed on high quality 225gsm paper + a digital print
– A3 hard copy printed on high quality 225gsm paper + a digital print
– A2 hard copy printed on high quality 225gsm paper + a digital print

With every option, I’ll send you a digital file so you can print it however you like, and as many times as you like! (Please note however that this product is not for resale)

Upon purchase, please email with the following information:

1) The title you’d like e.g. ‘Colours of Grandpa’, ‘Colours of The Smith Family’, ‘Colours of 4 Cherry Tree Lane’, ‘Colours of Our Wedding’, ‘Colours of Alex and Rebecca’.

2) The colours that you’d like to appear on your print. It would help me if you gave me the name along with the colour, for example, ‘Endcliffe Woods’ – dark green; ‘Whaletown flat white’ – light brown; ‘Our Front Door’ – Red, ‘The Wedding Dress’ – Ivory. It would also help if you sent me photos if it’s a particular thing that I might not know the shade of.

3) Whether you’d like a spectrum or the colours in random order.

Please be willing to go back and forth a few times via email to make sure your print is just how you like it 🙂

Suggestions for colours:
Favourite places e.g. ‘Bolehill Sunset’
Pubs e.g. ‘The Grindstone Pub’
Favourite food/ drinks
Pet name + colour of fur or collar!
Favourite cafes/ restaurants
Eye colour
Favourite brands
Favourite items of clothing e.g. ‘Doc Martens’
Favourite flower
Favourite season e.g. ‘Autumn Leaves’
Things around the house they love e.g. door colour
Favourite shops e.g. ‘Mookau’
Favourite fruit e.g. ‘Easy Peeler’
Sports team
Favourite mug e.g. ‘Your lucky mug’
Birth Stones
Favourite book cover
Favourite alcohol
The wedding dress/ suits / cake / flowers

Things to consider:
Try to get a range of colours to make sure the print is nice and bright!
The process time is up to 2 weeks once I’ve received the info from you, but let me know if you need it for a certain date.


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